Baby shower for animals held to raise supplies, awareness for nursing cats and dogs

A 'not so typical' baby shower was held this morning in Lincoln... a baby shower for animals. 

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A ‘not so typical’ baby shower was held this morning in Lincoln… a baby shower for animals.

“We are hosting a baby shower in cooperation with Dolly’s Legacy Animal Rescue, raising supplies, money, anything that will help all pregnant and nursing kitties and puppies” the co-owner of Bailey’s Deluxe Pet Care, Keith Pytlik, said.

People all morning long brought in bags of food, supplies, and cash, all donated to the pregnant or nursing animals at Dolly’s.

A litter of puppies and a handful of kittens were there to hold and play with as people came in and out the front doors. From kids to grandparents, there was no lack in smiles, watching the puppies and kittens run around Bailey’s Pet Care shop on Highway 2.

This was the first baby shower Bailey’s has had, the employees saying they wanted to do this event to help the animals but also to bring awareness to Dolly’s rescue and all other rescues for animals, how to get involved, etc.

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