BBB of Nebraska warns shoppers to beware of scammers on Mother’s Day

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Better Business Bureau of Nebraska is sending a last-minute warning: scammers can target unsuspecting shoppers on Mother’s Day.

Scammers will use holidays as an excuse to tap into your pockets, and Mother’s Day isn’t any different.

BBB of Nebraska’s Josh Planos says scammers will create fake ads, fake websites or hike prices in order to hit their marks.

Planos recommends checking the review and complaints on a website before spending your hard-earned cash.

“Zeroing in on what’s legitimate, or what’s an illegitimate opportunity, you want to look for what the price is first and foremost,” he said. “Same is true for buying anything.”

Planos says researching local or online stores is the best way to avoid fraudulent services.

“It’s incredibly important to do your research around this holiday,” he said.

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