Beatrice man provides healthy habits and motivation after health scares

BEATRICE, Neb. (KLKN) – Three years ago Terry V. Beard had two small heart attacks while driving in Lincoln and was subsequently was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  After those health scares, he decided to make lifestyle changes and get healthy.

Since he changed his workout and his diet, he lost 100 pounds.  He uses his experiences and success to help motivate others.

Beard says being healthy and working out is like putting in deposits for yourself.  A little bit each day accumulates and goes a long way.

“Once you start to see results in whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll keep moving forward,” said Beard.

He understands not everyone has access to a gym, but there are still ways to stay healthy without that.

Going for walks or even doing yard work can help keep you physically fit and healthy.

Even doing all of that, there are times things don’t go to plan and set backs happen.  Beard says he’s been there before, but also says, “You have to just keep going day by day, week by week.  It’s easy to make an excuse not to do something.  It’s easy to just say ‘well I don’t wanna do this anymore.’ But, if you are truly dedicated to what you’re doing and what you believe in and focused on what you’re trying to do, nothing’s gonna stop you.”

Beard’s clothing line “Evolve Gear 2020” was created as a way to provide good fitting clothing, that also may be a motivating factor for some people.  He also said if anyone is looking to get healthy and motivated, they can reach out to him through his business website


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