Bill Moos discusses Huskers return to campus, possible scenarios for upcoming football season

Nebraska's athletic director discussed a number of topics on his monthly radio show on Tuesday.
Bill Moos

LINCOLN – Bill Moos knows there’s a lot of uncertainty ahead in the world of college athletics, but the Huskers’ athletic director feels Nebraska is ahead of the curve.

Moos saying on his monthly radio show on the Husker Sports Network that other school’s have been using the same model Nebraska’s athletic department put together as student-athletes return to campus on June 1.

Moos said there are already 150-175 athletes on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.

“The safest place for our student athletes is Lincoln, and the safest place in Lincoln is to be in our facilities,” Moos said.

The Huskers open voluntary workouts for football, basketball, volleyball and soccer players on Monday. Moos said those workouts will be 10 have only 10 participants or less at a time, including the coaches or supervisors.

As players continue to return to Lincoln, they will be tested for COVID-19 and required to have a 48-hour quarantine period before participating in workouts. That process began in early May, according to Moos.

As far as the upcoming college football season goes, Moos remains optimistic but knows there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding fan attendance this fall.

“How do you manage, what is the right number, how do you space out folks, how do you get them in, how do you get them out, restrooms, concessions, masks, no mask?” Moos said. “All these questions we have got to have solid answers for before we go forward.”

And what about the Huskers’ 375-game sellout streak?

“The sell out streak is alive and well,” Moos said. “If we’re told we can only have 30,000 in Memorial Stadium and we get 30,000, that’s a sellout.”

Other notes from Moos:

  • Construction has been delayed on Nebraska’s $155 million athletic facility. Moos said the plans are close to being wrapped up but then they will have to pause on the project after they are finished until they are comfortable breaking ground.
  • Moos has relaxed his stance on the one-time transfer rule in college athletics. He believes players should have the ability to find a new school and play right away. However, they should only be allowed to do that one time.

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