Black Fungus cases seen in COVID and COVID-recovered patients


(CNN) — As India continues to grapple with a coronavirus crisis, some infected or recovered patients are catching another potentially deadly infection- Black Fungus.

Black Fungus, also known as Mucormycosis is a serious, rare infection that can happen after coming into contact with certain molds. These molds are usually found in soil and decaying organic materials (i.e. leaves, compost, rotten wood).

“Remember we are in summertime, it’s hot, it’s humid and everybody knows that fungus infection festers in these kinds of climates,” advised Dr. Hemant Thacker, a Consultant Physician and  Cardiometabolic Specialist.

Over the past few weeks, doctors in India have been reporting thousands of Black Fungus cases. Experts say Black Fungus is popping up in current or former COVID patients because their immune system has already been weakened by the virus.

Symptoms of Black Fungus can vary, depending on where the infection is in the body, but can include facial swelling, fever, skin ulcer, and black lesions in the mouth.

Dr. Thacker explained, “So, this is a pretty serious infection, which if not to control- not treated, can have a mortality of anything from 20% to 50%.”

This disease, although rare, can be found around the world. A patient’s recovery rate largely depends on how early the disease is caught.

Black Fungus is not contagious and doesn’t spread from person to person.

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