Blizzard conditions and flooding hampering travel across the state

On Tuesday Chance Snook’s pastures in Whitney, Nebraska, up in the panhandle, looked more like a lake.

By Wednesday afternoon those same pastures were turning into an ice rink.

A powerful storm system that’s unleashing blizzard like conditions in the western part of the state is causing flooding for the eastern side.

“With all the snow we’ve had on the ground, couple that will all the rain and even still underneath the surface of the ground we’ve got some frost and freeze down there so there’s just nowhere for the water to go so it’s going onto the roads,” Cody Thomas, a spokesman for the Nebraska State Patrol, said.

Just south of Wahoo, the Wahoo Creek is almost cresting over Chestnut Street.

With a few more inches of water the road will be completely covered.

Wahoo Fire and Rescue says they except to close Chestnut Street before sunset Wednesday because of the flooding.

Between Fremont and North Bend entire roads were covered in water and pastures could easily be mistaken for lakes.

In Albion, an entire neighbor was left inaccessible after their street turned into a stream.

NSP says even a few inches of water can create dangerous driving conditions.

Wednesday morning they had to assist Wakefield crews in rescuing a driver stranded in floodwaters along highway 35.

“We don’t want people to drive through floodwaters. You don’t know what’s underneath the water, maybe it’s debris in some cases with the potholes we’ve had you don’t even know if the road is there anymore, so if you see flood waters don’t drive through it. Turn around, don’t drown.”

If you have to be out driving NSP says make sure to check the latest travel conditions before you hit the roads, tell someone where you’re going, and never drive through floodwaters.

If you are out on the roads and become stranded dial *55 and NSP will come help you.

Locally you can find out what roads are closed by heading over to the Lancaster County Engineering website or by clicking here.

You can also use the NE511 app which will tell you travel conditions around the state.

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