Board delays condemning historic David City house

David City said a house on 4th St. was recently taken off the National Register of Historic Places because it’s fallen into disrepair.

They said it fell into poor condition since Rodger Treat bought it.

Treat said he’s owned the home since 2003 and that the trouble started when he was given a nuisance property notice in 2009.

“Basically, they wanted us to…clear cut those two back lots, including the rose bushes, all the flowers that we have, the trees,” Treat said.

He said he complied, but that the city continued to complain about the property every year since.

“They didn’t like our trees out here, they didn’t like our ornamental trees, they didn’t like anything,” Treat said.  “They wanted us to cut everything out because they said they couldn’t see the house.”

Treat, who lives most of the year in Lakewood, Colorado, said he wants to clean it up so he can sell it.

But the city notified him in October they were condemning the house.

“It’s a historical home,” he said.  “The town wants to promote tourism.”

Members of the Board of Zoning Adjustment disagree.  They said they’ve seen no progress on it in 10 years and that at one point, they sent in a city maintenance crew to clean some of it up.

On Wednesday night, Treat appealed the condemnation, saying he needs more time to clean  up the property.

Members of the board said they’d like to see Treat sell it to someone who will return it to the condition it was in before he owned it.

They voted to give Treat another six months to clean up the property under certain conditions.  One of them being he must remove all items stored in the house and other buildings within two months.

Otherwise, they will reinforce the condemnation.

Treat said he’s satisfied with the board’s decision because it gives him time to do the right thing.  He said he’s confident he’ll meet the board’s conditions.

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