Breast cancer survivor set to reopen popular ice cream shop this Friday

Ivanna Cone owner: “I'm really excited that ice cream tastes like ice cream again to me.”

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – For 24 years, ice cream shop Ivanna Cone in Haymarket has brought scoops and smiles to the city of Lincoln.

Days before reopening her ice cream shop for the first time since closing in November, Ivanna Cone owner Amy Green reflected on the year that was.

“It was a really powerful year,” Green said. “It started out beautifully.”

The initial beauty of 2020 was short-lived.

In February, Green’s daughter Grace fractured her ankle. A month later, the pandemic forced Ivanna Cone to pivot to a takeout business model.

“Changing everything kind of created more work in a weird sort of way,” Green said. “I was exhausted.”

Green knew something was wrong when that feeling of exhaustion refused to subside. That summer, she learned she had cancer.

“It just wouldn’t go away and finally, I had a blood test taken,”  Green said. “Within an hour, my doctor called and sent me to the ER and I had some scans. Later that evening, I was told that I had Stage 4 breast cancer.”

Green tells Channel 8 that cancer took the life of her mother. She says seeing the way her mother struggled did not leave her with much hope in her own fight.

“I didn’t really have a lot of optimism,” she said. “So I was preparing not to be around.”

With the love and support of her family, friends, and a community of Ivanna Cone enthusiasts affectionately known as “Coneheads,” Green was found the strength to fight, one day at a time.

“In a weird sort of way, treatment can deplete you so that you focus on the bare minimum,” she said. “You just don’t have time to really think long term. That might have been one of the most beneficial things: I just kept focusing on each minute versus what’s going to happen next.”

Now, Green says she’s ready to get back to living her dream, serving ice cream to a community she loves.

“The lives and the moments that we get to be part of and touch, we’ve shifted the world,” Green said. “That’s all I really wanted to do when I was growing up is shift the world. Now it’s just out of sweetness.”

Green reports that she currently cancer-free. She says she will have treatments for the indefinite future and scans every three months.

As for her ice cream shop, Ivanna Cone is set to reopen at noon this Friday. Green can’t wait to have a taste of her favorite flavor, Dutch Chocolate.

“I’m really excited that ice cream tastes like ice cream again to me,” she said.

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