Bruce Springsteen pleads guilty to alcohol charge

Bruce Springsteen

(ABC) — Bruce Springsteen pleads guilty to the DWI charges he faces in New Jersey.

He was taken into custody in the Gateway National Recreation Area by the National Park Service this November. Jeep had recently aired commercials featuring Springsteen during the Superbowl. But, once his arrest went public, the car company chose to suspend the campaign.

Springsteen faced three misdemeanors: operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in a closed area. He agreed to only plead guilty to the charge of consuming alcohol at the Gateway National Recreation Area, a federal property where alcohol is banned. The government agreed to drop the other two charges.

“During the defendant’s field sobriety test he declined to take a preliminary breath. test but did submit to the breath test at the rangers station,” assistant US Attorney Adam Baker said, noting that Springsteen blew a .02, well under the legal limit. “Based specifically on the .02 blood alcohol content reading the government moves to dismiss.”

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