Bryan Health highlights backpack safety for kids


With school starting again soon, one thing sometimes gets over looked, backpacks.

The style or weight of it, could be causing your child pain.

“So I know a lot of students are wearing backpacks that are way to heavy they end up at the end of the day and they’re tired, their back hurts. Well that’s something to look at. This could be the culprit of that issue,” Julie Heftie with Bryan Health said.

With approximately 55 percent of students carrying a backpack heavier than the recommended guidelines, it is important to make sure that your child’s bag is 10 to 15 percent of their total body weight.

If you notice your student’s backpack is exceeding that limit, find ways to lighten the load.

“If there is anyway to kind of work it out with your teacher. Could I keep one book at home? This is a subject that’s causing me a lot of problems or seem to study on a lot do you have an extra book,” Heftie said. 

It’s not just the weight of a backpack that could be harmful to your child.

If they are not wearing it properly, it could cause significant damage.

“If you are carrying only on one side your muscles are not working equally, so you could develop some back issues like scoliosis. Just that imbalance of muscles working on the body is really hard,” Heftie said.

Ensuring that both straps are worn and that the bag isn’t hanging too low is important.

“This part of the backpack should really fit in the curve of their back. So it shouldn’t be hanging way down you want the size to really be in portion to that child,” Heftie said. 

If the backpack has a waist strap, Heftie encourages kids to wear it, as it will provide more support.

She also points out that making sure the weight is evenly distributed throughout the bag can make all the difference.

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