Burglary victims respond to South Lincoln crime spree

"It's a violation and just like a sad, sad feeling. You just don't know who to trust."

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Several victims were woken up on Monday night after a string of South Lincoln burglaries.

One victim named Brett says he was fast asleep when he was shaken by a loud noise.

“I just heard kind of a big bang,” he said. “I thought the shower curtain maybe fell or something like that. Then the dog started barking, then the neighbors across the street, I heard their car alarm go off. I looked out the window and I saw a silver sedan, four door sedan, race up the street and I said I better go out there and see what’s going on.”

Brett rushed out of his house to find an unpleasant surprise: His son’s car window smashed with a brick and a heavy police presence occupying his street.

According to the Lincoln Police Department, this was not an isolated incident. LPD says there were at least 13 different cases of burglary, car break-ins and theft happening between 10 and 11 pm on Monday night.

In one case, a man reports he was upstairs when he heard a loud noise he describes sounding like “a bull in a china shop.”

He went downstairs to find his basement window broken and his TV stolen. He says he saw the same silver vehicle many others had reported seeing. The victim, who requested anonymity, shared his reaction with Channel 8.

“They were in our house. Anything could have happened,” he said. “Luckily, everyone is safe and all they took was a television. We’re here, and we’ll get it fixed and move forward but it’s a violation and just like a sad, sad feeling. You just don’t know who to trust.”

After the string of crimes, officers pursued and caught two suspects, 20-year-old Kelly Huynh and 19-year-old Terrell Davis, at S 31st St and Rokeby Rd.

They were found with 20 alprazolam pills and a television that was later identified as the one that was stolen.

Brett says no one in his family was hurt and nothing was stolen from his son’s vehicle. He says he’s grateful for LPD’s quick response to the series of break-ins along his street.

“Here in Lincoln, Nebraska, I think LPD is doing a great job,” he said. “The resources they have, the cops were considerate and concerned. They were really on the spot because of all the people who called in and I really want to commend LPD on that.”

The two suspects were arrested for one count of burglary, three counts of attempted burglary, four counts of theft by unlawful taking, four counts of criminal mischief, and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

LPD says it is still possible that there are cases that have yet to be reported.

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