CDC issues health advisory for childhood illness related to COVID-19

The CDC, doctors & scientists are learning more about the childhood inflammatory disease that could be linked to COVID-19.
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The CDC Thursday issued a healthy advisory over the childhood disease that doctors believed may be linked to COVID-19.

The syndrome is called multisystem inflammatory syndrome and has been seen in kids across Europe as well as the U.S. – mostly in New York.

The CDC says patients have shown a persistent fever and other varieties of symptoms like hypotension, multiorgan involvement, and elevated inflammatory markers. They also say respiratory symptoms were not present in all cases.

The syndrome is rarely fatal, and most children recover.

Now, the CDC is asking hospitals to report all possible cases to public health authorities so they can learn more about it.

CNN reports that researchers in Italy are the latest to publish research that makes the link between the syndrome and Covid-19. In one Italian region, they say, the pandemic brought a 30-fold rise in the number of cases of the syndrome.

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