City of Lincoln seeks injunction to close Madsen’s

After refusing to close the business for 24 hours after multiple reports of health measure violations, the city is seeking a court order.

Officials announced Monday afternoon that the City of Lincoln filed an injunction in district court to close Madsen’s Bowling & Billards until the business is in compliance with the current directed health measure.

An injunction is a court order requiring a person to do or cease doing a specific action.

On Saturday, the business refused to close for 24 hours after the city had received multiple allegations of DHM violations. A court time and date is expected to be set tomorrow.

A press release from the City states:

The Lincoln Municipal Code (LMC) authorizes the Health Director to order the closure of any business for the purpose of controlling communicable diseases.  Health Director Pat Lopez said LLCHD has received numerous allegations of DHM violations at Madsen’s. On July 29, LLCHD staff  met in person with Madsen’s management and provided the current DHM along with information on how the business could comply.  LLCHD continued to receive additional allegations of DHM violations between July 29 and 31.

The DHM states that the City Attorney “may institute injunctive or other appropriate civil proceedings necessary to obtain compliance or to abate any nuisance resulting from violations of this Order.”

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