City officials scrap proposal for a cheaper option at a busy intersection

City officials are scrapping the proposal for an elevated roundabout at South 14th and Old Cheney.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — City officials are scrapping the proposal for an elevated roundabout at South 14th and Old Cheney, saying the price tag of $44 million was just too much. They’re now looking at a new design – at $26 million.

The specifics of the plan haven’t been decided, but one thing it doesn’t include – a roundabout.

“I think at this point we’re gonna be asking for consensus to bring forward option that includes a more simple design,” said Danielle Vachal, LTU senior engineer. “Those would include a normal intersection with traffic signals.”

Dana Stefanidis is the manager at a nearby bike shop, Wheelie Good Bike Shop.
He says he’s excited about the change but is concerned about how it will affect businesses in the area.

“Based on the experience from previous (times),” said Stefandis. “I can only expect the same thing where we will see some kind of disruption people looking for different ways to get access to this area of town.”

He says some surrounding businesses lost about 30 percent of their customers when roadwork happened near the intersection.

City officials say access to businesses will be maintained. Stefanidis adds he was not as happy about the elevated roundabout plan.

“In that project, I saw a huge decrease in visibility with traffic being diverted, that they would not see my business,” said Stefandis. “So I was very concerned.”

He attended an open house on Thursday where he says a city representative talked about the plan.

“My understanding is, and it’s very limited right now, they are going to use Warlick as the major funnel for the traffic that comes through here and then on Old Cheney on the west side,” said Stefandis. “That traffic will be diverted behind Christ Place Church then back onto Warlick.”

Right now, construction is planned to begin in 2024 and last about two years.

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