City won’t knock down 100-year-old tree at Pioneers Golf Course

Lincoln Parks and Recreation thought they might have to remove a popular cottonwood tree to address a drainage issue on a golf course fairway.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Golfers at Pioneers Golf Course say the majestic cottonwood tree on Fairway #5 adds to their experience.

“You lose a tree on a golf course, it just affects everything as far as I’m concerned,” Tom Thompson said. “A tree like that, as long as it’s alive and kicking so to speak, I think we ought to keep it.”

“It’s got character,” Larry Harnisch added. “You’re not going to be hitting into that area, but it still adds a lot of visual clarity and beauty to the golf course.

The tree is estimated to be between 75 and 100 years old. The city of Lincoln considered chopping it down to address a drainage issue on the fairway.

“The preliminary grading plans suggested that grading to get that fairway benched into that slope might affect the root to that big tree and then would necessitate its removal,” director of Parks and Recreation Lynn Johnson said.

People went online to express their desire to keep the tree standing.

“We’ve received email messages and some phone messages from people who believe that that’s a significant tree in the community.”

Just today, the city learned that they would be able to address the drainage issue without impacting the tree. Golfers say they are pleased that the tree won’t be taken down.

“The whole concept of golf is prettiness and your ability to see the terrain really helps the looks of the golf course in my opinion,” Thompson said.

The entire irrigation system at the golf course will be replaced this fall. Fortunately, they will be able to do so without impacting the tree.

“Pioneers Golf Course is the oldest, most historic golf course in the city system and to have that tree continue to be part of it, i think it’s important and it’s significant,” Johnson said.

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