Companies try to lure workers at Lincoln career fair amid labor shortage

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Over 35 companies attended the career expo OpportunityLNK on Thursday, and dozens of job seekers looked for employment.

Large and small companies alike are feeling the sting of the worker shortage across the country, and retaining workers is harder than ever.

Companies like Tabitha Health in Lincoln are offering tons of incentives for workers, including benefits and sign-on bonuses.

Tabitha recruitment and retention specialist Clarissa Hummel said the benefits are “really great.”

“We have a lot of great sign-on bonuses, so up to $15,000 for clinical positions, and then even $2,000 for full-time dietary positions,” Hummel said.

But businesses with less than 250 employees, like TMCO located in South Lincoln, are struggling to keep up.

TMCO’s head of talent acquisition, Brock Wettstead, shared how he’s been actively recruiting job seekers.

“I go out into the community, I do job fairs, and I go and speak and talk at schools,” he said. “I do what I can to get out and talk to people face to face.”

Victoria Bretthauer of ServiceMaster of Lincoln said increased wages and a “family work environment” is how the company is staying competitive.

“We’re always trying to think like outside of the box,” she said.  “One thing we’re kind of focusing on, we’re very, like, family-oriented small business, and we’re building those relationships with our employees, kind of making those personal connections.”

Many companies like TMCO and ServiceMaster Clean are aiming to keep turnover rates low and employ as many people as possible.

That’s difficult in a state where new jobs are plentiful but available workers are few. In March, Nebraska tied Utah for the lowest unemployment rate in the nation.

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