Corvette lovers gather at Ameritas on East O Street

Today was the 27th year of the Lincoln Corvette Show, bringing Corvette enthusiasts out from all around the surrounding area.

“It’s a great way to bring people together and we try to have some fun and do some good along the way, so the atmosphere is absolutely fantastic,” Vice President of the Nebraska Corvette Association, Mike McFarland said. 

There were over 150 Corvettes from year 1954 to 2019.

The event was hosted at Ameritas on East O street.

It raised money for Child Advocacy center and Food Bank of Lincoln.

It also provided scholarships for south east community college students in the automotive program.

“It’s America’s true sports car. They introduced it in 1953 and many of us grew up with idolizing the cars. Many of us had neighbors who had them and what we think of a real true sports car, corvette comes to mind,” McFarland said. 

An event this large had over 100 volunteers, and even the Lincoln Fire Department visited for a nice day out.

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