Crime Stoppers looking for info on buying and burglary sprees

In this week's cases, police are investigating a few incidents from late 2020 and they need your help.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Lincoln Crime Stoppers have two crime sprees that need closure this week, with all the incidents happening in late 2020.

The first string of incidents involves a pair of people who are spotted using a stolen credit card at five different locations. The victim says it was stolen from her vehicle, and then the two people used almost $900 on their spending spree.

Next is a string of four burglaries that have all happened at the same Family Dollar between October and December of last year, along with a nearby burglary at the Ace Rent-To-Own. Police think they could all have been done by the same person. Family Dollar was able to provide some photos showing the suspect going right into the security office, unplugging what he thinks is a security system, then grabbing a carton of cigarettes on the way out.

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