Crime Tip Tuesday: Practice safe pedaling

It's still bike season, so here are some obvious, and perhaps some not-so-obvious tips to keep in mind.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Bicycle safety begins before you even get out on the road. In fact, it can begin before you even get a bike. That’s because you want your bike to actually be a good fit.

It’s also important that your helmet is a good fit. You don’t want too loose a fit, and you don’t want too tight a fit, either. Give your helmet, and any other safety equipment, a check for defects before you get underway.

Visibility is key: see and be seen. You want to pay attention, sure, but you also want to make sure you’re highly visible to others while you’re riding. One way to do that is to avoid riding at night. If you must ride at night, you need to have a front white light and a red taillight.

The rules of the road are the same for bicyclists as they are for anyone else. Go with the flow of traffic, follow all traffic laws, and yield to other traffic when appropriate. Remember, stop signs and red lights do apply to bikes, too.

If you’re on a bike, it’s to your benefit to be predictable to drivers. Make your intentions known and follow through with them, so drivers respond the way you want them to.

Look before turning, stay alert, and watch your back. Something else to watch for, that you may not expect: parked cars. You never know if somebody is in a car and if they plan on getting out. A good rule of thumb is to keep a door-width away from cars, just in case.

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