Crime Tip Tuesday: Prepping for vacation

It's summer, things are almost back to normal, and vacations are in the cards. But how do you keep your home and yourself safe?

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – When you’re out on your summer vacation, you’ll want to keep your home secure while you’re away. Talk with your neighbors, particularly the ones you know well and trust. See if they’ll keep an eye on things for you. You can have family stop in as well. Whoever visits, have them pick up mail and newspapers if you haven’t already put a hold on them.

If you have an alarm system, let your alarm company know you’ll be gone. If you have someone checking in on your house, let the alarm company know about that person.

Try to avoid posting on social media. If you do, try not to include specifics that broadcast to the world when you’ll be away and for how long.

You can take care of yourself while you’re traveling as well. Do research. Know the lay of the land. Try to avoid looking like a tourist and you’ll be a smaller target.

When you’re out and about, travel light. Keep your valuables or important documents in the hotel safe. For things that you’ll need to keep, like your wallet, move it somewhere secure on your person.

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