Critics say Nebraska voter ID petition is an attempt to ‘maintain power’

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A Nebraska ballot initiative to require people to show an ID before voting is drawing criticism from local activists.

At an event on Thursday, the League of Women Voters and other critics spoke about the potential dangers of requiring an ID.

If passed, the constitutional amendment would require voters to provide “valid photographic identification” to ensure “the preservation of an individual’s rights.”

The petition needs 10% of registered voters to sign before it can get onto a ballot.  The Nebraska legislature would then create guidelines for the new requirement.

The petition has been sponsored by State Sen. Julie Slama and the nonprofit Citizens for Voter ID.

Critics believe that this change would take away constitutional rights from voters.

“This is and always will be an attempt to either maintain power and influence, both politically and economically, or stop the shift from the power,” activist Preston Love said.

Some critics say the change is unnecessary because there are already state laws preventing voter fraud.

“Our current laws are already preventing voter fraud.  There is no voter fraud in Nebraska,” said Mary Lee Moulton, co-president of the Nebraska League of Women Voters.  “There’s been study after study, the secretary of state even said there is no voter fraud.  This is not an issue.  This is just a false canard.”

Nebraska’s primary election will be held on May 10.

Many of this year’s Republican candidates are running on platforms that include “election integrity.”

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