Democratic Lakers to drop out of Governor’s race

Mark Lakers has been facing some scrutiny over campaign fund irregularities ever since just before the primaries.

Now, the Democrats say it was enough pressure to make him pull his hat out of the ring.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Lakers in a May interview said he would be this state's most promising leader.  “This is a year that, nationally and at the local level, people are tired of career politicians.  Dave Heineman had an opportunity in 15 years in state government and look at the position he's left us in healthcare, education and with our budget.  We need a change.”

Friday, Lakers made a very different sort of statement by withdrawing from the gubernatorial race.  Lakers, who didn't want to go on camera, said, “our campaign has failed to reach key milestones, including the financial support and endorsement of many major donors.”

He went on to say without the money, he couldn't run a competitive campaign.

Now the question is, who can? claims the first two names on the 'in' list are former Omaha mayor Mike Boyle and University of Nebraska Regent Chuck Hassebrook.

Republicans say it doesn't matter who the Democrats scrape up; the candidate will have the same problem Lakers did.

Executive Director of the Republican Party, Jordan McGrain says, “Mark Lakers didn't have the background to compete with Governor Heineman's record of accomplishments over the last four years as governor and I think that played a bigger part in it than any financial irregularities he had.”