Democrats make final push before Tuesday night’s election

The Democrats today throughout all of the state of Nebraska were out knocking on doors and making campaign calls to all potential



“Only a couple days before the election. I’ve been doing this for a year and a half and I’m so excited to see all of that hard work that we’ve been doing start to pay off,” said U.S. Representative Candidate Jessica McClure.

Jane Raybould who is running for U.S Senate was in Omaha all day on Sunday and will be campaigning in Omaha on Monday as well.

Senator Bob Krist gathered his supports at the mill earlier this afternoon with his running mate Senator Lynn Walz as they make their final push towards Tuesday night.

“We’re trying to reinforce what people have heard. Sales pitches are all over with. People have made their mind up and those who haven’t maybe there’s one or two out there that we can still talk to,” Sen. Bob Krist

On Monday Channel 8 News will be following around Republican candidates as they campaign around the Capitol city.

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