DHHS offers $25 million for ambulances, EMS equipment in 87 Nebraska counties

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Rural emergency medical services are being offered millions in state funding to bolster equipment and ambulances.

On Wednesday, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services announced it was sending grant money to response agencies across the state.

The department is administering the funds through two grants, the EMS Equipment grant and the Rural Ambulance Replacement grant.

The EMS grant provides $5 million in funds for one-time purchases of emergency medical equipment.

Rural and volunteer departments were prioritized, and awards were capped at $50,000. The department says 108 awards were offered to volunteer services.

The other grant provided $20 million to replace aging ambulances in rural Nebraska.

The awards, capped at $150,000, will support the purchase of 214 new ambulances, the department said in a press release.

DHHS is thankful to be able to support so much of the EMS community across the state,” said Dannette R. Smith, the department’s CEO, in the release. “I look forward to the positive impact these grants will have on Nebraskans when they need it most.”

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Over 320 applications from three-quarters of the state’s licensed emergency medical services were handed in for one or both grants.

Grant offers were sent to services in 87 of Nebraska’s 93 counties, according to the department.

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