VIDEO: Diminishing virus cases bring ‘cautionary sense of relief’ to Bryan Health

"Certainly our hair's not on fire like it was last fall," said VP of Advancement Bob Ravenscroft. 

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The continued decrease in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations has brought a cautionary sense of relief to Bryan Health.

“Certainly our hair’s not on fire like it was last fall,” said VP of Advancement Bob Ravenscroft.

Bryan had 27 virus patients Thursday morning, with only five in the ICU and four on ventilators.

It’s a far cry from November when hospitalizations at Bryan routinely care for more than 100 virus patients a day as cases surged across the state.

“It kind of felt like you were fighting this yourself and no one understood when this was going out of control,” Ravenscroft said.

But, he says, the community response to help blunt the spread and the arrival of the vaccine for health care workers has brightened the mood at Bryan.

“The atmosphere is certainly not filled with the anxiety that I think you could probably see in all of our faces and hear in our voices back in November,” he said.

That relief may be short-lived, however, with the looming threat of highly transmissible variants.

Ravenscroft cited a report that Nebraska is one of eight states yet to report a confirmed case of a variant strain of COVID-19. He says Bryan continues to prepare for another potential surge.

“I guess it’s a cautionary sense of relief,” he said.

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