District judge sides with city in lawsuit filed by former Lincoln Police officer

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A judge has dismissed a former Lincoln Police officer’s case against the city, according to court documents.

District Judge Kevin McManaman granted the City of Lincoln’s motion to dismiss the case filed by former Officer Erin Spilker, who served as a department spokeswoman.

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In initial court documents filed in January, Spilker says she was sexually assaulted and harassed multiple times over a 20-year career with the department.

The city wanted to dismiss the case because it believed Spilker’s claims of harassment were not severe enough to cause her to resign over a poor work environment.

The court ruled with the city, saying all four of Spilker’s complaints against the city “fail to state a plausible claim.”

In one example, Spilker claimed she faced discrimination based on her sex from other officers.

Spilker’s allegations meet some elements of sex discrimination, the judge wrote.

But the court found that Spilker failed to “plead facts sufficient to show” that male officers did not suffer the same consequences.

“Now, therefore, based upon the foregoing, it is hereby ordered that Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss is sustained,” the court documents say.

McManaman granted Spilker 30 days to file an amended plea in accordance with the order.

Since 2019, the city has settled three lawsuits for harassment and discrimination in the fire and police departments.

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