DMV website feature allows people to quickly check drivers license validity

The Nebraska DMV website has introduced a way to quickly and easily check on the status of a drivers license.

This has the potential to greatly benefit parents, employers and insurance companies.

Before letting someone get behind the wheel, it takes just seconds to check to make sure a license is valid.

“It kind of creates a tool that the police have for other to use, whether it’s a landlord or a business, maybe it’s a business owner who has vehicles that their employees are going to be driving. You can check and see if the employees licenses are valid,” said Lincoln Police Officer Angela Sands.

This is how it works:

You simply head to the Nebraska DMV website:

Go to the top pinned bar and click on ‘Online Services.’

You then can scroll down to check ‘Drivers License Status,’ a free application.

Once you’re there, you just have to enter a drivers license number, last name and date of birth, and within seconds, you’ll get feedback on the validity of the license and how many driving points have been given.

“Checking the status before they go and drive, you could risk going to jail. If you have a prior conviction for driving under suspension, you could be pulled over and go to jail,” said Ofc. Angela Sands.

Another great feature of this, if you find your license is suspended or needs to be reinstated, you can do that on the website too!

Reinstatement of a suspended license costs $50, and it costs $125 to reinstate a revoked license.

“Before you go and get behind the wheel, check and see if your license is suspended or valid, pay the fees necessary and get it taken care of,” said Sands.

By using this website, parents can check the status of their child’s license, or employers can verify if a team member should be driving a company car.

If you get caught driving with a suspended license for a second time, you could go to jail, and that car would be impounded.

The Lincoln Police Department hopes this DMV website addition will help people pay fines and get back on the road quicker.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, here is the link:

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