Doane student believed to have COVID-19 after spring break


On Monday, Doane University learned that a Doane student has experienced symptoms of COVID-19 and is self-isolating at their home.

On March 14, after returning from spring break, the student went into Smith Hall, a residence hall on Doane’s Crete campus, to retrieve their belongings and move out for the remainder of the semester. The student had limited interaction with other people during this time.

On March 15, the student began to display symptoms of COVID-19. On March 16, the student visited a healthcare provider who diagnosed the student “presumed positive” for COVID-19, based on the student’s symptoms. This was not a laboratory-confirmed case.

It is the university’s understanding the student is following the appropriate protocols.

Based on guidance from local health officials, the individuals that the student interacted with in Smith Hall on March 14 have been contacted and they are self-monitoring their symptoms. To date, they have not experienced any COVID-19 symptoms. As a precaution, local health officials have advised that all students remaining in Smith Hall self-monitor their symptoms for the next seven days.

Doane has strongly encouraged all residential students on the Crete campus to move out for the remainder of the semester. Right now, there are less than 50 students living in the residence halls. Doane will continue to take steps to help protect the health and safety of its community.

Doane’s The Student Health Services Office will also be offering Telehealth services as an option for students residing in Nebraska beginning on Tuesday, March 24th. Doane’s Counseling Center Staff are available to support those experiencing anxiety or other mental health concerns which are so common in these times.

Doane’s COVID-19 webpage will continued to be updated for COVID-19 information and details on this fluid situation.

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