Doane University unveils new classes focused on cannabis

In November, Doane University became the first and only university in the state to offer a cannabis certification course and now, they're expanding.

In November, Doane University became the first and only university in the state to offer a cannabis certification course, which gained international attention from students.

“When we launched that program we quickly realized how successful it became,” says Dr. Andrea Holmes, a Professor of Chemistry as well as the Director of Cannabis Studies.

“When we realized that there’s such a high demand for these courses with that type on content, we went forward and built seven new courses online that this time are credit bearing,” says Dr. Holmes.

The announcement about the new courses was made Monday morning, and registration for the fall is now open to both residential and non-residential students.

The new classes will dive more in–depth than the certificate course, which offers a more general overview of the industry. The classes will range from the history of cannabis to the biology of hemp and everything in between.

Jeff Ferris, now a sales representative from Omaha, was one of the 12,000 students who took the certification class after becoming interested in the cannabis industry.

“I saw a headline in the Omaha World Herald that Doane University is going to offer these classes, I thought to myself I have the sales experience, the marketing experience, the only thing missing is I don’t have experience in the cannabis industry,” Ferris tells Channel 8 Eyewitness News reporter Marlo Lundak.

Ferris says the class touched on all areas of the industry, which ultimately helped him start his own company.

“It’s taught by people that are very accomplished in science, medicine and even the legal aspects, so it touched all those aspects so it was very informative and helpful.”

Ferris also says he would highly consider taking the new course offerings as well.

“The follow up, it sounds like, is going to be a deeper dive into different aspects of it and that’s going to be very important to me because right now the products I’m representing are CBD related because that’s the hot commodity right now, but I’m really interested in some of the industrial applications,” Ferris says.

Dr. Holmes, a leading expert in the cannabis field nation and world wide, says the new classes are critical as the industry continues to expand.

“More and more legalization is occurring across the U.S. and the world, and its not just the hemp side from the approved farm bill, it’s also on the marijuana side. More and more states are approving medical marijuana and we need to have a qualified work force.”

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