Efforts to ban abortion underway in some Nebraska towns

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Residents of several Nebraska towns and anti-abortion groups have been working on banning abortion through local ordinances.

Mark Lee Dickson, the founder of Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn, has been traveling across the country and working with citizens to ban abortion within their cities.

He says the goal of his initiative is to get abortion bans going at the local level.

Dickson says even if abortion isn’t going to be outlawed in larger cities or at the state level, the small-town bans will act as a deterrent to abortions in Nebraska.

“People who want to find a way to get an abortion are going to get an abortion,” he said. “But of course we all have to do our part, and if we really believe that abortion is the taking of an innocent human being’s life, then we’ve gotta do everything that we can to protect that human life.”

The ACLU of Nebraska and its partners say local abortion ban ordinances will not have much effect on whether people get abortions in Nebraska.

They want to remind everyone that local ordinances are not enforceable if they conflict with state law.

But Scout Richters, the senior legal and policy counsel for ACLU, said they will still cause harm by contributing to confusion and stigma.

“The majority of Nebraskans want to see abortion remain legal,” Richters said. “We know from recent polling that 55% of Nebraskans did not want to see abortion banned in the state. By building on that momentum and ensuring that voices are heard, we can keep abortion legal here in Nebraska.”

The ACLU says the best way to oppose these efforts is to continue sharing support for abortion access around Nebraska, as well as reaching out to policymakers at every level.

The ACLU recommends going to nebraskansforabortionaccess.com for the latest information on abortion in Nebraska.

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