Eighth Air Force hosts E-4B aircrafts and military personnel at Lincoln Airport

A special aircraft, the E-4B Nightwatch is in Lincoln.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A special aircraft, the E-4B Nightwatch is in Lincoln. The plane is for national emergency use for the president and staff if needed. Lincoln Airport let Channel 8 in for a close-up look at two of the kind at the airport.
“This has probably been more than five years in the making and really ramped up in the last couple of years and things changed during that planning process as we realized we have more needs to support this mission,” said Lt. Col. Derek Ligon, deputy commander for 595th command. “And for the 55th wing to support this mission and Lincoln airport authority Lincoln and the state of Nebraska have been great partners in that.”

Eighth Air Force military personnel came from its base in Louisiana to Lincoln Airport. They started an operation shift between Offutt Air Force Base to the Lincoln Airport.
One aircraft can hold up to 112 people and gives a highly survivable center for command control and communications. There are four E-4Bs in total, one flying in the air at all times. Others may be under maintenance or on a mission.
A rep for the airport said the military had invested more than $30 million in the Lincoln Airport and helps the military save money as a whole to be close to Offutt.
“It makes you feel proud that Lincoln was able to host Offutt during this time so they could remodel their runway,” said Nick Cusick, board chair Lincoln Airport. “I think the investment that the military is making to redo the Offutt runway is certainly indicative of their service to be in Omaha Nebraska for a long time.”
Offutt personnel from the 55th Wing, 595th Command and Control Group, and National Airborne Operations Center, will support the mission. The last time the E-4B operated from Lincoln was 2019 when Offutt underwent flooding. Ligon says the crew plans to operate in Lincoln until September 2022.

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