Electrical Career Fair

Hundreds of area high school students got to try their hand at being an electrician, at least for the day.

It was at a hands-on career fair at the local International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union near 14th and old Cheney.

“You know we’ve all been to the career fairs where you just get handed information about the company you might be able to work for but this we have you actually get to see, touch, and do the things you would get to do as an electrician,” said Vice President of Commonwealth Electric Matt Firestone.

The electrician’s trade has experienced dwindling numbers over the past few years.

This event is to show high school students that they don’t have to just go to college, and this can be a great career path choice instead

“The biggest thing I always tell them is that I want them to take away is that they do have options. That college isn’t the only option for them,” said Training Director Roy Lamb.

This event is also to show, that even though there are not many women in the electrical field now that can change in the near future.

“Now I know a lot of different things I can actually go into before I thought it was just you’re putting electrical outlets and stuff in a building but it’s a lot more than that,” says Sophomore from Waverly High School Angel Wells.

“We currently have 4 women in our program we graduated, two last year and two the year before and we’ve actively recruited those individuals. Is this work difficult, is it tough, yea it’s physical work, but they can do it. It’s not impossible and these women they excel at it, they really do,” added Lamb.

They will be hosting this event tomorrow as well from 10 am to 2 pm and Mayor Buetler is scheduled to be there at around 10:30.

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