Electronic donation and recycling help Lincoln programs and enviroment

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — After the holiday season many individuals find themselves cluttered with old and new technology.

To help sort out and find a new home for unwanted electrical items Goodwill Industries in the Lincoln area holds a donation drive to help out residents facing this problem.

Whether it’s one item or a garage full of items the drive will take it all, even if it is broken.

“It’s a great period right after the holidays because people are either having their items replaced or are donating those items,” said donations specialist Alia Hurst.

She said the nonprofit partners with Dell Technology Company to refurbish or recycle donated items.

Individuals can come and donate knowing that the item will go to a good cause no matter the condition.

“It’s really nice being on this side and interacting with these donors because it gives an extra sense of importance and value to the donations,” Hurst said.

She said many families stop by this time of year to declutter before moving or to give away loved ones’ items after they have passed.

The funds gained from the donation drive go back into the community through programs like Lincoln Literacy, Big Brother and Sister mentoring and other community collaborations.

Communications coordinator Alana Sesow said that donating also helps the environment.

“When electronics go to the landfill it creates quite a bit of e-waste in the environment which is something we want to avoid if possible,” she said.

Sesow said that donation events like these give the public an alternative to e-waste disposal that is available all year.

Items donated that are in mint condition will eventually make their way to Lincoln and York Goodwill locations, with many desktop computers and printers being donated.

“We’ll have our employees go through and sort these out,” Sesow said. “What needs to be shipped to Dell will be shipped there and what can be resold will go to any of our locations.”

Today’s event may have highlighted electronic donations and recycling but both can be done during store hours at any location in Lincoln and York.


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