Enhanced cancer benefits could be coming to all firefighters in Nebraska

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) —Two legislative bills regarding the aftercare of firefighters are up for hearings at the Capitol Monday.

Firefighters serve the community despite the hazardous impact the job can have on their long-term health.

Legislative Bill 459, introduced by Sen. Machalea Cavanaugh, dubbed the ‘Firefighter Cancer Benefits Act,’ would allow reimbursement for the annual cost of premiums related to certain cancers by qualifying firefighters.

The annual cost of the premiums would be covered by money from the state’s general fund.

Bill 501 is connected to the Nebraska Workers Compensation Act, it would amend certain statues related to the compensation of certain cancers in firefighters.

This would apply to firefighters who were exposed to carcinogens during the course of their service.

Both bills have hearings scheduled for Monday at the Capital in room 1524.

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