Fast-moving Nebraska wildfires torch utility poles, but quick crews keep the power on

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — We’re getting a new look at the destruction caused by recent wildfires that torched homes and sent responders to the hospital.

The Nebraska Public Power District says there were no outages despite heavy flames and high winds.

Its team kept everyone’s lights and air conditioners on even as fires climbed utility poles, threatening to bring critical infrastructure crashing to the ground.

Officials say they’ve been closely monitoring recent wildfires in Lancaster, Nuckolls and Webster Counties.

One of them tore through the leg of a utility pole, leaving it looking like the whole thing could collapse at any moment, ripping down several lines along the way.

The district says its crews worked quickly to reroute power in time as fast-moving flames burned everything in their path. has some tips to make sure we’re all prepared in case power does go out when lives are on the line.

The list includes learning how to manually open your garage doors and gates so you’re not trapped if a blaze closes in.

Also be sure to learn how to operate a generator ahead of time if you have one.  An improper installation can electrocute you or electric workers.

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