Feeling spring-like for the first day of Spring

Spring officially gets underway at 4:24 on Monday afternoon. The weather will cooperate, as it will be fairly spring-like for most of the day. Temperatures will quickly rise through the morning, into the 40s and 50s by lunchtime. Some high clouds will arrive, but plenty of sun should still get through.

Hour by Hour

A southwest wind will help push temperatures into the 60s in southeast Nebraska. There will be a stationary front positioned nearby. This will result in a slight reduction in temperatures to the north, where winds will have more of a northerly component.

Monday Forecast

As we head into Tuesday, cloud cover will increase. We’re likely dealing with mostly cloudy skies on Tuesday, which will have a cooling effect on temperatures.

Per the latest look at data, most of eastern Nebraska will probably be dealing with isolated sprinkles on Tuesday. In their very nature, these areas of light rain probably won’t amount to much. Areas of western and north-central Nebraska may be a bit luckier in terms of precipitation totals, where rain or a mix will be possible.

Stormcast Precipitation Accumulation Through Tuesday

There are a few more opportunities for precipitation through this upcoming weekend. However, many versions of Stormcast indicate varying degrees of how significant these opportunities might be.

I suspect dry air will be an issue with many of these chances, which could limit the overall precipitation potential. Nevertheless, some areas will be luckier than others. We’ll be sure to watch these systems closely in the coming days.

Meteorologist Malcolm Byron

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