Fifth grader brought loaded gun to Lincoln school, LPS says

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A fifth grade student brought a handgun to Prescott Elementary School on Friday, Lincoln Public Schools said.

According to a press release, the student showed another student the gun, which was in their backpack.

The student then made “concerning comments” to the other student.

Officials say the student “immediately” let a teacher know, and administrators seized the backpack and brought it back to the office.

Since the backpack was secured immediately, officials said the school did not issue any of its standard response protocols.

When Lincoln Police arrived at the school, they found the loaded handgun in the backpack.

The family of the student was then contacted, and police began speaking with the students involved.

The school’s principal, JJ Wilkins, sent an email to parents Friday afternoon:

“We know this is concerning news to hear. We are very proud of the student who reported the safety concern to their teacher when they felt unsafe. It is the important work of our staff at Prescott in building trusting relationships with our students that lead to this serious situation being resolved without anyone being hurt. We are thankful for the quick response by Lincoln Police and their continued collaboration in keeping our students and staff safe.”

LPS Superintendent Paul Gausman said the students are in the same grade and likely knew each other.

“This was a situation where a student made a threat against a student,” he said, “not someone coming into the building just without thought of who they might injure.”

Officials say the student who brought the gun will face legal consequences.

The weapon was in a sealed bag, which was not searched, Gausman said.

He said the district will review this incident as a way to learn and improve.

And he encouraged people to use the Safe to Say button on the district’s website to report anything suspicious.

“If you hear something, if you see something, you have to say something,” Gausman said. “LPS has some of what I think are the most useful resources and trainings that deal with school security.”

You can remain anonymous, and the superintendent said the school will do the job of verifying claims and taking the necessary steps.

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