Freezing rain doesn’t stop racers from running for Wilderness Park bridge repairs

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — On the far south side of Wilderness Park racers dressed in their warmest clothes and boots to take to the trails that were muddied. All to raise money for repairs and maintenance of the bridges that dot the park’s many trails.

The 12th annual Run for the Bridges event hosted 84 runners Saturday morning despite freezing rain pouring down on much of Lincoln.

Event organizer Rosina Paolini said there is no concept of bad weather to her, just bad clothing choices.

There were no competitions for the race meaning the only goal to beat was personal ones set by each racer, but winter weather concerns had some at the event concerned that it would be cancelled.

“They showed up,” Paolini said. “They show up every year.”

The race attracted some newcomers like Sarah Hardy, who said it was her race that wasn’t on a cement paved path.

“The mud wasn’t super slick,” she said. “I thought the run would be awful, but when you are running you stay warm.”

At rest stops along the trails where volunteers that cheered on each racer as they passed on their way to the finish line.

For Saturday’s participants the weather may have been dreary, but the knowledge that they were helping out a local park was enough of an award.

Through the twelve years the event has been held, the proceeds have funded the building of three new bridges and repairs for many more.


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