Gov. Pete Ricketts says trade trip to UK and Ireland was ‘successful’

Ap Ricketts

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Gov. Pete Ricketts says he is prioritizing Nebraska’s presence abroad, evident in his “successful trade mission” to the United Kingdom and Ireland last month.

He noted that 95% of people live outside of the U.S. and said we must make international ties to create long-standing opportunities for the next generations of Nebraskans.

Ricketts said this is the ideal time to be looking across the pond. The U.K. has separated from the European Union, and Ireland’s gross domestic product grew 13.5% in 2021.

The governor also said Ireland has several agriculture technology companies looking to grow outside their country.

On his trip, Ricketts discussed easing trade barriers and emphasized Nebraska’s reputation for global leadership in agriculture and being a great place for insurers.

The trade delegation was composed of insurance experts, farmers and ranchers, as well as ethanol producers.

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