Grab the grocery list, Target expands its product line

How does jalapeno avocado hummus sound? This is just one of the 600 new Good & Gather poducts Target will be adding to its grocery sectioon.

The brand was originally launched a year ago, quickly turning into a consumer favorite. As of today, it’s Target’s No. 1-selling food brand, generating more than $1 billion in sales.

“Food plays such an important role in our guests’ lives,” said Stephanie Lundquist, executive vice president and president, Food & Beverage, Target. “And now, as guests are eating and cooking at home—and appreciating good value—more than ever, Good & Gather’s delicious, high-quality assortment and affordable price continues to set Target apart, while helping our guests discover the joy of food every day. And they’re going to love what we’re serving up this fall.”

With these new additions, Good & Gather will become Target’s largest owned brand with nearly 2,000 grocery items for sale.

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