Gradual warming this week; Searching for rain

Daytime temperatures will be gradually increasing over the next several days.  Highs will be able to climb in to the 70°s through Friday.  Winds will return Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday but they will not be as bad as last week when winds were gusting 60 to 70 mph.


April has been very dry.  Only 0.41″ of precipitation has fallen in Lincoln, making this the driest April (to date) since 1989.  It also ranks as the 9th driest April on record (since 1887).

Long range computer models are suggesting rain could fall many days over the next ten, but I tend to think the amount of precipitation is overdone.  Yes, there will be several chances, not everyone will get rain each time.  In many cases, the amount that falls will be small.  So, when looking at my 10 Day Outlook, I’m leaving rain out of a lot of the forecast.  We’ll be pinpointing who has the best chance of receiving rain 24-36 hours out.  I just don’t want to get your hopes up that rain is coming day after day.

The Climate Prediction Center is out with their seasonal 90-Day Outlook for precipitation.

90 Day Precipitation Outlook

Seasonal forecasts should always be taken with a grain of salt.  But in this case it follows what I often say, “drought breeds drought”.

Lets hope that this is incorrect and we see above normal rain coming to the Plains over the next several months.

– Chief Meteorologist John Dissauer

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