Green Light Lincoln Project made traveling more efficient

The project created better traffic flow, increased safety, reduced congestion, saved fuel, and improved air quality.
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Lincoln Transportation and Utilities and Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird announced the completion of the fourth phase of Green Light Lincoln initiative.

The $6.8 million project resulted in a wide range of transportation, economic, and environmental improvements.

Traffic systems were updated with high-tech equipment, remote access for increased efficiency, flashing yellow lights for increased traffic flow, and improved signal timings in conjunction with increased installation of roundabouts, according to LTU.

“Green Light Lincoln paves the way for smarter traffic flows through our city,” said Mayor Gaylor Baird.

“Better traffic flows achieve increased safety, faster travel times, greater fuel savings, and cleaner air. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Green Light Lincoln also helps to realize our Climate Action Plan goals.”

According to LTU,

  • An annual reduction of 1.2 million hours of time spent in vehicles
  • More than 68 million fewer vehicle stops annually
  • An annual 121,700 kilograms reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • An annual savings of $23,7 million in fuel costs for drivers since the program began in 2016

“Since Green Light Lincoln began, LTU has updated 90% of its traffic lights and offers more efficient driving across the city,” said Liz Elliott, Director of Lincoln Transportation and Utilities.

“Green Light Lincoln has resulted in enough fuel savings to drive a car around the earth 1,337 times per year. That is a lot of fuel.”



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