Hackberry Lake undergoing chemical renovation

Game fishing prohibited until after treatment
Man Fishing

LINCOLN, Neb.  (KLKN) – The ongoing Aquatic Habitat Project intends on chemically renovating Hackberry Lake on the Valentine National Wildlife refuge the week of Aug. 9.

Common carp have been detrimental to the aquatic habitats in Hackberry Lake and rotenone treatment is aimed to eliminate the species, as well as improve water quality.

Hackberry Lake rescinded length limits for game fishing two years ago but daily bag limits remained unchanged. The Valentine National Wildlife refuge intends on restocking the lake later this fall.

Biologists have been salvaging game fish in preparation for the treatment, relocating them to nearby lakes on the refuge.

The renovation date will rely on ideal weather as dry conditions are advised for chemical application. Access for recreation within the treatment area is prohibited while rotenone is being applied.

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