Hallam has a growth spurt 18 years after tornado leveled village

18 years after the village was devastated by a tornado, the village continues to grow

HALLAM, Neb. (KLKN) – This May will mark 18 years since a tornado devastated the village of Hallam.  They rebuilt quickly, and now they could be growing even more.

The best examples of growth are the apartment and housing complexes bringing new families into the community.

“A lot of new people in town. A lot of them I don’t even know yet,” said Sheila Taylor a Village Board member as she laughed and smiled. “We have a new development being built, so a lot of new houses. It’s kind of nice, new kids and new people getting involved with the stuff that we have to do for the community.”

The village of Hallam is about 20 miles outside of Lincoln and has a population of right around 300 people.  They have seen some growth over the last few years, but as a nearby company, Monolith, plans to expand soon, they may grow bigger than ever before.

“I think it’s been a really good thing. We get new ideas from people,” said Taylor.

“I hope so. I’m hoping that we have more from the outside community come in and understand that Hallam is such a small community living that it’s really good for your family and your kids to grow up in. Crete is such a good school district to be a part of. I’m hoping with the people that move here, that will help Hallam as a whole,” said Jeremy Pierce, a Hallam resident and Monolith employee.

But with growth, often comes some growing pains.

“Another 100 or so wouldn’t be such a big deal, but there is a lot more to do then. You know the infrastructure needs to be changed and I don’t know how long our wells will last at that rate, but you know we will work with it. We will do whatever we have to,” Taylor said.

Village leaders are planning ahead, and working on new ways to bring in money to be able to enhance the community.

“We are actually trying to put a 1% sales tax in place because the village has no sales tax at this time. We just have the states which I believe is 5.5%. We are working on putting that on the ballot. That will help tremendously,” Taylor said.

Jeremy Pierce moved to Hallam to raise his family in a small community.  He then started working at Monolith and enjoys working and living in the same area.

“You have more pride working at Monolith when it is in your backyard. I step out my front door and I step out of my back porch and I see this. So there is a little more pride in making sure that it looks good, it’s friendly to the community, quiet, clean,” Pierce said.

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