Health department gives Lee’s Chicken the OK to re-open

Lee's general manager says the plan is to reopen the chicken shop next Wednesday.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Lee’s Chicken is used to having to overcome adversity. General manager Dennis Kann says that doesn’t make it any easier.

“We’re all stressed because we just came through a tornado a couple years ago, and then COVID, we struggled through that, and here, things are starting to look up and all of a sudden the guy drives through the side of the building,” Kann said.

The restaurant was struck by a car on Wednesday. Ever since, Lee’s staff has been working overtime to reopen its doors.

“We’ve been working on a reopening plan and it looks like the date we’ve decided for is Wednesday, next week, we’ll reopen,” Kann said.

According to Lincoln Building and Safety, Lee’s has been able to section off the area impacted by the crash enough so no part of the roof or building can collapse and pose a threat to the public.

Of course, Lee’s also has to get the okay from all different city departments, as well as the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.

In a text message to Channel 8, a representative from the health department said, “To meet health department requirements, the restaurant need its gas service restored, which has now happened and LLCHD has ensured that health and safety hazards are not present. The establishment can resume serving food to the public.”

Kann says he’s thankful for the support of the community through this tough time for the restaurant.

“Obviously, if we didn’t have our customers, there would be no Lee’s, so we really, really appreciate all the concern and the devotion to Lee’s that you’ve all shown and we’re working very hard to get it back open,” he said. “When we do reopen, we want it to be a better Lee’s than ever before.”


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