HEAT WAVE: A little something to cool you off and let you sound off

What do YOU think the perfect temperature range is?
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"Winter Snowman 'Snoopy'" Sent in by Jan Masters

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – While we’re sweating and staying cool inside, it might be helpful to through back to the first part of the year when we wished for more heat.

We saw snow art pop up all over the area.

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“Yesterday’s snow is today’s triceratops!”
Sent in by Kelly “Jolly Libengood.

This past winter, we dealt with a foot and a half of snow leading to clogged up roads that couldn’t get snow plows fast enough. We had rolling power outages as the temperatures dipped well below zero. We tried our hardest to stay warm, dreaming of summer.

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It’s a great case of “be careful what you wish for” as this oppressive heat takes over Nebraska.

Some people love the heat, others love the cold, and some want it just right.

We want to know your perfect temperature. Are you on the team of “You don’t have to shovel sunshine!”, or “At least when it’s cold you can layer up!”.

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