What to do if you run into problems at the polls in Nebraska

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Tuesday is Election Day, the culmination of a long campaign.

In addition to determining Nebraska’s next governor and our representatives in Congress, requiring voters to have identification and increasing the minimum wage are also on the table.

A nonpartisan watchdog group is offering help for anyone with questions, or if you run into problems while trying to cast your ballot.

Common Cause Nebraska urges everyone to have the Election Protection hot line on hand in case of any problems.

You can dial 866-OUR-VOTE to connect with volunteers in English.  The free service is available in Spanish, Arabic and several other languages as well.

Common Cause is also going to have volunteers in yellow T-shirts helping clear up any confusion at polling locations.

“Our poll monitors are there to pick up on those problems and then they send them to us,” Executive Director Gavin Geis said. 

The organization is going to have a command center with attorneys who will address some of the most serious situations that might occur. 

Geis said there might be some confusion since a voter ID initiative in on the ballot. 

“Voter ID is not required, but voters and poll workers can be confused about what’s actually required by state law,” he said. “So, we are there to reinforce that no, not currently required.” 

Officials said the thousands of volunteers they’ve organized are focused on protecting elections and collecting data to help improve them in the future.

Geis encouraged every voter to exercise their right and said people should be confident on the results. 

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