Heroes Trophy on display

The winner of Friday's game will receive the trophy now on display at Memorial Stadium.

The Heroes Game trophy was designed for the University of Iowa and the University of Nebraska by Rickabuagh Graphics, the same company that UI and NU contracted for creation of the official logos for the Heroes Game.  A variety of staff from each institution were also involved in the project.

One of the prominent features of the logo – the laurel leaves – is also a prominent feature of the trophy.  The leaves are etched into the football that rests atop the trophy.  In ancient Greece, a laurel leaf crown was awarded to the victors of the Olympic Games.  Those were the heroes of their time and the laurel leaf crown was considered the symbol of a hero.  In today's world,  laurel leaves have continued to be a symbol of high achievement and high ideals.

The badges that will carry the score of each Heroes Game and the “Citizen Heroes” who will be honored annually at each Heroes Game are in the shape of a shield similar to the shape of the Heroes Game logo.  Since medieval days, shields have been a symbol of strength and heroism.  In fact, many heraldic crests including shields as emblems of endurance and stability.  This same shield symbolism continues today in the badges for many of our modern heroes, including fire fighters and police officers.

The trophy has four sides: 

          The front prominently displays the Heroes Game logo in brushed aluminum

  • the back is labeled at its top “TRADITION” and includes brushed aluminum art that prominently displays images of Memorial Stadium and Kinnick Stadium, and some of the traditions of the two institutions and their football programs
  • the left side is labeled at its top “VALOR” and carries the badges that will be dated and will carry the names of the two “Citizen Heroes”
  • the right side is labeled at its top “VICTORY” and carries the badges that will be dated and will carry the final score of each Heroes Game

A dark gray acrylic etched with a corn stalk pattern adorns all four sides of the base of the trophy.  The trophy itself stands 30-inches tall when measured from the base to the highest point of the molded aluminum football that has been given a brushed stainless steel look and features the officially registered trademarks of the University of Iowa (the Tigerhawk) and the University of Nebraska (the block “N”) in addition to the aforementioned laurel leaves.

The 2011 Heroes Game will be played Friday at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Neb. Kickoff is set for shortly after 11 a.m. CT, and the game will be televised live to a national audience by ABC.  The 2012 Heroes Game will be played Friday, Nov. 23, at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, Iowa.

The Heroes Game is the 14th “Trophy Game” between Big Ten Conference teams in the history of the Big Ten.  It is the only trophy game played by Nebraska against another Big Ten school.  Iowa plays Big Ten opponents in two other trophy games:  Iowa and Minnesota compete for Floyd of Rosedale and Iowa and Wisconsin play for possession of the Heartland Trophy.