How Memorial Stadium ‘light show’ turned into new Husker tradition

"I knew it'd be cool, but I didn't know that it'd blow up the way it has," said Brandon Meier, a Nebraska Senior Associate AD at for Marketing & Multimedia. 

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — If you’ve been to either of the last two Husker home football games, you’ve probably noticed that incredible light show between the third and fourth quarter. And it’s certainly struck a cord with Nebraskans.

“I knew it’d be cool, but I didn’t know that it’d blow up the way it has,” said Brandon Meier, a Nebraska Senior Associate AD at for Marketing & Multimedia.

Meier says the idea for the light show actually came to light three years ago. They installed updated LED lights at Memorial Stadium and actually attempted to debut the show during the Ohio State game back in 2019.

However, there were some hiccups.

“There’s about 500 lines of code and one of those was messed up, so it failed the first time we did it,” Meier said.

So it was back to the lab for HuskerVision. Alex Wood, Kevin Raguse and the rest of the staff put in hours of developing the perfect program to debut the light show. However, they had to wait almost two years in-between night games.

“The hard part is we can test it a hundred times, but if it doesn’t work on Saturdays then it doesn’t do us a lot of good,” Wood told Channel 8.

And boy, did they test it out. Meier says there were around 30-40 rehearsals needed for the big debut against Northwestern a couple weeks ago.

It was even hard to keep it a surprise.

“There were a few times there were a couple people in the stadium at night that were watching,” Meier said. “So we kind of had to wait for them to leave to test it because we wanted it to be a cool surprise.”

And when the lights finally came on in primetime this year, it was like lightning in a bottle.

“It took a while but man, it was well worth it to see the final product,” Meier said.

Videos of the light show went viral on social media. A tweet from the Nebraska State Patrol has more than 220,000 views while several Husker players posted videos of the show as well.

Wood says, it’s the fans that have truly embraced this light show as a new tradition.

“When something like this is kind of created organically fans are calling it a tradition on their own,” Wood said. “It’s not something we’re forcing on them. That’s when traditions I think are really made.”

So now all that’s missing is another night game for the Huskers. Nebraska is at Minnesota this Saturday and it will have two more chances at home games in primetime with either Purdue or Ohio State.

Regardless if the Huskers do get another home night game, Meier says expect the light show to be around for the long haul.

“The tradition is cool. The fans love it, the players love it. It’s a win-win all around.”

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