How Nebraska law enforcement is keeping the roads safe over Thanksgiving weekend

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Law enforcement is taking safety precautions over Thanksgiving weekend, especially proper seat belt use.

The day before Thanksgiving is a busy day of travel across the U.S., which is why the Nebraska State Patrol and Lincoln Police Department are participating in the “Click it or Ticket” campaign.

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s office set up a checkpoint on Highway 6 and 98th Street to help spread awareness and enforce safety measures while driving.

“Wearing your seatbelt is your best defense against a drunk driver through the holidays,” Capt. Tommy Trotter said. “So we’re out here today checking and just trying to help everybody get in compliance with the seatbelt laws.”

From 3 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, 10 deputies systematically stopped every fifth car to do a routine check for license and registration as well as proper seat belt use.

It was part of their campaign called “Buckle up, Every trip, Every time.”

Trotter said this is one of the easiest ways to remind people of the dangers on the road this weekend.

“Even the people that don’t get stopped, they see what we’re doing and they can read about it, they can watch it on tv and they know we’re out here trying to help people remember to wear seatbelts,” he said.

Along with law enforcement, AAA is doing its part to keep the public safe.

Wednesday night through Monday morning, it’s offering a free “Tow to Go” service.

It’s meant to be a last resort for anyone who needs a ride home if they’ve been drinking.

Gene LaDoucer, the regional director of public affairs, said this program serves around 1,000 people in the 14-state service area yearly.

“It’s not just the impaired driver we’re concerned about, but it’s everyone else who’s sharing the road with them during this holiday season,” LaDoucer said.

Deputies, troopers, and officers share the same safety concerns, which is why they’ll be closely monitoring traffic.

Trotter said while it can be inconvenient, the majority of people are grateful for the extra efforts.

“We get a lot of comments from people thanking us for getting the word out about seatbelt usage,” Trotter said. “Everything you can do to wear a seatbelt is important to make sure that we reduce injuries and reduce fatality crashes.”

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